Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Weekend!

Quality Meats

This is what I got...Jing Yong

The Carts

Yesterday was my husband's birthday! We celebrated all weekend and I'm paying for it today- too many sweets, rich food and wine! On Friday night we went here. We had a great celebration with my husband's cousin and his girlfriend. We drank some fabulous wine and had an overall wonderful evening with them.

On Saturday for lunch we went here. (See pictures above from NY Magazine.) This crazy restaurant is a Dim Sum spot in Chinatown. We had a great time picking our dumplings from the carts and drinking jasmine tea. If you have never been to a dim sum restaurant they are really fun, basically ladies roll around carts of food and you just point to what you want and they stamp your ticket. Jing Fong (the restaurant we went to) was HUGE!! It was really fun seeing all the interesting foods and for two kids from the South we are getting pretty good at picking out the good items. After our lunch we walked around Chinatown for awhile. I got some cute new trendy earrings, a hounds tooth scarf, and a few other little things.

Saturday night we cooked in and watched this. I've had a lot of recent luck with baking so when my husband asked for a chocolate cake for his birthday, I was certain I could make the prettiest, yummiest chocolate cake ever. Well, let's just say my cake was yummy. I finished the second layer (I used my new pink silicone 9 inch pan---not a good idea, I think) and the instructions said to ice the cake (with the icing I had made) while the cake was still warm. As I start to ice the cake little earthquakes happen all over. It was like slow two hours of hard work just cracking everywhere...within a minute it was the ugliest looking thing you have ever seen. I had one of those moments where I just lost it. Yep, I cried like a baby over my broken cake. I couldn't help myself. I had worked so hard and I wanted it to be perfect. I just had tears streaming down my cheeks watching my husband's poor birthday cake fall apart before my eyes. He gave me a big hug while he alternated laughing a me crying over a stupid cake and watching his birthday cake turn into a chocolate landslide. He was so sweet and told me it was the best cake he had ever tasted (key word). I must admit it tastes pretty good, but it it is the ugliest cake I've ever made for sure. I had planned to share a picture with you...maybe next time...

Yesterday my husband had to go to work on his birthday. Poor thing! I cleaned and cleaned in preparation for his parent's coming next weekend for the first time to our apartment. I filled three vacuums full of dog hair--so gross! You would think we have 2 dogs instead of just one. I also went to a lovely shower at my friend K's apartment. She is due March 30th-- 9 months to the day of our wedding. =) She is having a little girl so we dined on pink cupcakes, pink tea, scones, champagne and tea sandwiches. I got her this with a matching bib and this. She loved it! People up here thought I was brilliant with the monogramming thing. They just don't monogram as much as we do in the South! I also had a chance to use my new gift cards. We had a great time!

So to conclude the birthday weekend we topped our celebrations off last night with a dinner at Quality Meats. (See more pictures from NY Magazine above and their review here.) They make their own ice cream so I figured what guy wouldn't love steak and ice cream for his birthday. The food was really good. I liked the sides the best. I got the filet trio (pictured above). They treated us to some sparkling wine and my husband got some fabulous mint chocolate chunk ice cream with a candle (must prettier presentation then my cake).

I allowed my husband to open a present each day this weekend. He got this tie in yellow and another Vineyard Vines red football tie and this shirt. I also got him some JCrew mens ear muffs for those long walks to the subway. Last year I got him this jacket and I'm trying to build up to getting him all the parts that go with it so I got the hood and the next gift will be the liner. I also got him he could check out what is going on on out of his only requests. =) We also got tickets for this as a present for us both!!! I can't wait!!!

That's it for now. This weekend we are heading to Birmingham so I can help host one of my best friend's baby shower. I can't wait to see her and a bunch of my other friends. I'm looking forward to wearing my new dress and being in some warmer weather. My Mom and sister are also coming up so I can't wait to be around family and friends!! I hope each of you had a wonderful weekend.



Tres Poshe Preppy said...

What a fun birthday celebration. Sorry about the cake but sometimes the prettiest things aren't the best tasting and vice versa! :)

KK said...

If it makes you feel better, I totally destroyed my husband's birthday cake this year too! A cake I've made a million times!

BroncoMom said...

Sunday was my birthday! My husband prepared my favorite breakfast - blueberry pancakes! MMM, I bet your husband enjoyed every bite of his birthday cake because it was made by you, the love of his life!

Southern Sugar said...

You know they say the ugliest cakes are the yummiest cakes. Glad you had fun!

Belle in Bloom said...

What a great birthday! I've cried over a cake, too. I'm sure it was delish and your Hunny loved it! Have a great day!

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