Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Budget Friendly Baby Girl Shower Invitation Options

I'm going to be a baby shower queen! I'm hosting a baby shower in NYC for a new friend on April 5th--we just picked the date yesterday! There are only two of us hosting and we are inviting about 25 people. Given that there are just two of us (the shower I'm hosting on Saturday is with 8 girls) I need to stay on a budget. The "Mom to be" even said an Evite would be find (gasp), but this Southern gal can not do an Evite for a baby shower. Can't, Won't do it. So I've been searching today for budget friendly options. I think I'm going to probably have to print them myself to save $$. I've done this before and it isn't too bad if you have a good printer. As much as I would love a good fancy invitation from one of my favorite companies on this occasion I need to only spend $20.00-$30.00 or less. Here are the options I've come up with so far. I wrote this post from the bottom up, so that might help you in reading it that way. Good ole Blogger isn't very smart sometimes because the first thing you upload is at the bottom! Hope this helps some of y'all that are hosting baby showers this spring. I'll do a wedding shower post too if anyone is interested. You know how much I love stationary and invitations! So here we go...budget friendly baby shower invitations options...let me know your favorite!

This invitation is Jilly Smith Design from Tiny Prints and it is $31.25 for 25!

These cute invitations from Hello Little One for Tiny Prints are $1.25 for 25, making the grand total $31.25.

Are these too bright for a baby shower? They are my favorite...Whitney English and I love them, but maybe too much for a baby? They are on sale though---45 for $28.35. "S" they would have been perfect for a bday party for you or a shower!These would have been perfect from Inviting Company via Paper Buzz, but I can only get 16...one of the downsides to the Paper Buzz sale section. But, I posted them anyways in case someone is having a very small shower.
Another great find from Paper Buzz's sale section. These Cross My Heart invitations are a $1.00 each unprinted. So I could get 30 for $30.00.

I can get this one for $17.45 (unprinted) for 30 from the sale section at Paper Buzz. It is Cross My Heart and a great deal!

Another cute option from The Paper Menu via The Paper Cafe. I could do 20 for $30.00 printed.

This precious invitation is done by The Paper Menu and I found it via The Paper Cafe. I can do 20 for $30.00 or 40 for $60.00. They come printed so Marie would do all the work for me....tempting...but still a little more than I want to spend for this particular shower. I did order my invitations from The Paper Menu via The Paper Cafe for the shower on Saturday and they turned out precious ! (I posted about them here.)

Another great find from Boatman Geller that is also on sale at PaperBuzz. I can do this one 30 for $19.50 unprinted. This might be the winner so far. Looks like it would be easy to print and I could even add a little green ribbon at the top to make it cute beyond words! This invitation is Boatman Gellar and is on sale via Paper Buzz (their sale section is my go to for cheap invites and stationary). I can get 20 of these cute ones for $13.00! I'll have to print them myself, but they are so cute. Wondering if they will look as cute in black ink. HmmmThis invitation is Boatman Gellar via Paper Style. I can get 20 for $27.50 or 30 for $40.50 (a little on the high side...but pink toile...so yummy
This precious invitation from Cross My Heart via Paper Style is only $24.00 for 20 or $36.00 for 30. The bad part is that price is unprinted. The printing is way too much so I would have to do them myself...which I've done many a time.
Polka Dot Designs also has some of my favorite Whitney English and Hicks prints, but I'll have to print them myself. I can't copy the images from their site, but here are a few of my favorites:
This one is just $1.00 each not printed and so is this one
and this one and this one and this one.

If anyone else has some budget friendly options, please let me know!


Anne said...

They are all so cute!!! What a hard decision. I really like the Bumblebee one from Polka Dot Design. I don't think you could go wrong with any of them.

Some Like it Southern said...

I love the Boatman Geller invites. The pink and green with the stroller is my favorite! I also love the Cross My Heart. So many cute invites! If I come across any, I will be sure to let you know! Good luck choosing and be sure to let us know which invite won!

Some Like it Southern said...

ps. I have seen people take a cute piece of scrapbook paper, cut it to size, then take a piece of vellum- print the invite on the vellum and tie the 2 together with a cute ribbon.
Just an idea.....

Preppy Wedding said...

Love, love love the first one!

Seige said...

I like the 3rd one. Your fav. is my fav. but I also really like the two polka dot ones (big and small) So cute!

MMM said...

Thanks for all of your comments. Thanks to sweet Mollie at The Paper Cafe I've ordered the Paper Menu invitations with the pink/green and buggy. I can't wait to see them! Thanks again Mollie! You are the best! If anyone ever needs the easiest person in the world to deal with with stationary I highly, highly reccommend The Paper Cafe!

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