Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tidbit Thursday

Note From a Reader:
Howdy! I just wanted to tell you I stumbled across your blog and I LOVE IT! I'm a former Bama belle myself...I found some neat preppy swag through your site so I wanted to share one with you that I found recently. Check out My Flip Flopz Laid-Back Stationery. I ordered some custom designs and got to talking to the owner and she's from Alabama as well. Their site is Keep on blogging - i love the escape! Enjoy NYC!


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1) What is your favorite kind of tights? It is cold up here and I need some new ones.

2) Cold Climate Preps...ok, this may be a really dumb question, but I have all these new flats and now that the weather is cold I need to know what to wear with them. In the South I never wore socks with them or tights. What is the best thing to wear with ballet flats that will show part of your foot? Help!

3) Has anyone seen a cute damask Save the Date card? A friend of a friend is looking for some. Also, she wants to know if she can use their married monogram for the STD? Is that legal? I know you (the girl) aren't supposed to use your married monogram until after you are married since that is why you order two sets of stationary for thank you notes. But, wasn't sure about the joint monogram before marriage. My Emily Post Weddings is at home (in the South)...

A NYC friend sent me this list of restaurants to try...thought I would share with y 'all!

Balthazar -
Cafe Cluny -
Cookshop -
Nice Matin -
Norma's -
Public -
Schiller's -

Calle Ocho -
Eleven Madison Park -
Mesa Grill -
Ouest -
Town -
Grano Trattoria -
Sant Ambroeus -
Estatiatorio Milos -
Tabla -
Gramercy Tavern:
Blue Water Grill:


Anonymous said...

1. Crane has damask save the dates. The Blissful Belle has them on her blog.

2. Technically, you are not supposed to use your married monogram until after the ceremony. Emily Post says this means it should only appear at the reception or later (i.e. stationary). I don't know that I would be that technical about not using it at the ceremony- but I would think it strange if someone used it before the actual wedding.

3. Your blog is very entertainging - and I have the same question about flats and the winter. Last year I went to NY in February and only packed flats and jeans (no socks or boots). Big mistake when it started snowing.


Belle said...

Yup... I used the Crane damask cards for my save the dates. They're technically not save the dates, but I liked them because they are on thick card stock. I ordered them from Fine Stationary. There are also some other styles with damask at Wedding Paper Divas... just search for damask. I posted my my other damask wedding details yestersday.

We're using a custom monogram on our invitations, but its just both of our first initials... no shared last name. The calligraphist who created our invitations designed it for us and we're using it as the motif on the invites, programs, menus and cocktail napkins. Since its just our first initials, I think Emily Post would approve.

hello darling (formerly hello sunshine!) said...

As a fellow NYC-dwelling Southerner... I feel ya.

1) Honestly, I buy whatever opaque tights I can find - Target, Filene's, whatever. I really don't feel like you should spend a ton on hosiery, since you're probably going to lose or rip them soon enough anyway. Besides, that money's better spent on cuter accessories!

2) Tights. For sure. But not the textured ones unless you have super skinny, long supermodel legs. Trust me on this one :)

EBL said...

I love tights from JCrew (of course!)

I wear ballet flats with tights and skirts.

Check out my new blog at:

Lilly said...

I wear tights with my ballet flats (I usually go to Nordstrom Rack for my hosiery) or with pants, I wear fun trouser socks, with the level of pattern-ness dependent on whether the flat has a pattern. Honestly, though, I commute in my Uggs and tuck my ballet flats into my bag. But that's Chicago.

I think textured tights can work with a monochromatic look (i.e. black) so you don't have competing textures.

I heard a monogram should not be used until after you are married.

I've been to Bluewater here in Chicago - it's good, but nothing revelatory. I've never been to Balthazar, but have their cookbook, which I love.

Buford Betty said...

Target is great for tights and I also love J. Crew's.

And I think tights and flats are super cute as well as any cute trouser socks. I sometimes wear funky socks w/ my driving mocs if I'm feeling kinda crazy!

Monogram on the save-the-date should definitely be the bride's (maiden). I'm not a believer in the "married" monogram anyway (I realize I'm probably alone on this - haha!), but definitely not before the wedding. :-)

SarahNash said...

Our cake lady REFUSED to put the "married monogram" on our cake because it was "not proper" so we just went with the one last name initial. After our cake meeting, husband said he agreed with pushy cake lady (who makes the best cakes ever, so I forgive her) so that did away with any joint monogram for us!
PS I'd love your choc. chip pumpkin muffin recipe when you get a chance!

Maria said...

Good place to stock up on tights is at Century 21. I got myself 2 pairs of opaque black DKNY tights and they were much better than pantyhose. And they probably have a good selection of leggings and such, and it's all discount!

If you are up for it, head to the Century 21 in Brooklyn. Smaller, but less crazy; R train to 86th, but I think you can take the N to DeKalb Ave. on the weekends and switch to the R there since it goes faster (It goes directly into B'klyn after Canal via the Manhattan Bridge).

Otherwise, the Century 21 in Manhattan needs to be hit early in the morning. That place is a madhouse (my personal preference is the B'klyn Century 21).

Another option is Macy's. They are pretty good for things like that and the prices aren't through the roof.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the ballet flats. I just buy plain coloured socks to wear with mine. And you can get some wool ones if you are worried about your feet getting cold.

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