Thursday, November 18, 2010

Love Lucas Creations TEE Party

I'm going to continue to tempt you with another great idea for holiday gifts...
You are invited to an exclusive Love Lucas Creations TEE party!

What is a tee party you ask?
It's a fun way to get great deals on
custom onesies and tees at
Love Lucas Creations offers quality and unique hand stitched
and machine embroidered and appliqued items. They make
a PERFECT baby shower gift for the expectant mom!   
They are original and fun Christmas gifts, too!

Choose from initials, numbers, birthday shirts, big brother/sister
tees, onesies and much, more!

1) Just visit the site, enter member code "mmm" (prior to putting
anything in your shopping cart) and just for being invited you will get 10% off of your order!  This offer is good until 11/24.

2) You also get the current promotions which are free shipping on
orders over $25 and free long sleeve upgrade on any holiday tee or onesie.

Do you want to host a party and enjoy all of the extra benefits?
E-mail me for more information!

These are just a few of their adorable designs! I'm loving putting J in monogrammed long sleeve shirts with cords and keds right now. He looks so cute and it is the perfect preppy "play" outfit.

1 comment:

Preppy Sue said...

Really cute! I just received a b-day shirt for my daughter from etsy...wish I had seen your post first!

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