Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spotlight Store-Konjono-Really Cute Hats

This product review is quite belated, but I wanted to wait until it started getting cold again to share this cute site with you. The air here is getting crisper and it is almost hat weather again. Late last spring, Konjono sent Baby J a hat to try. I picked the light blue with the whale ribbon. Hello little preppy boy! I think it is adorable! I have to admit that my husband isn't the biggest fan. He puts up with my smocked outfits, but he just couldn't handle the ribbon his little boy's head. So, these hats are for those of you with cute little girls and for trips where your husband isn't around your sweet little boy! =)

Each hat is very unique and there are so many different color options for little ones, boys and girls. You can even get a hat made in your school colors. Wouldn't that be the perfect accessory for tailgating parties this fall!

Here are a few of my favorites:






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