Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot Fun in the City!

Whew! We are HOT, HOT, HOT up here in NYC. If you follow me on twitter you have been listening to me whine the past few days. The hot up here radiates off the pavement and it is just a different kind of hot then we have in the South. I'm heading home to the Gulf Coast next week and I can't wait to have access to our beach house and my parent's swim club!

We've been keeping cool by taking lots of trips to the local sprinklers.

Today we had swim lessons. J is doing great! He's now in Advanced Water Babies and he jumped off the side to me today! He has NO fear.  He also went all the way under for a "glide" swim as his instructor calls it. Yay J!

Yesterday, we headed to play at Barnes and Noble (J loves their train table.) We are doing a book exchange and we picked up a book for the person on our list. We also picked up Good Night Gorilla, Blue Hat, Green Hat and  My Little NYC ABC. J loves to read so I was happy to see he liked our selections. We were both in stiches laughing over Blue Hat, Green Hat. We love Sandra Boyton! We have almost bought her entire collection!

We've been eating a lot of ice cream (skinny cows for me) and I was thinking I should invest in a Zoku tomorrow? Do any of you have one? It looks like a lot of fun!

I try to keep J hydrated by having him drink lots of water. I also don't like for his milk to be in regular cups, so we've been loving Playtex Insulated Sippy Straw Cups! They are great!

How are you keeping cool this Summer?


alanaransley said...

The Zoku looks like a lot of fun! I watched the video, and I am sure my kids would love for me to get one of those. I like the fact that you can use healthier ingredients, and the kids will just think it's a cool treat!

Amber Lee said...

I have been playing with my ice cream maker. My aunt got me one for graduation (weirdest grad gift EVER). This week I've made cinnamon ice cream and a mint-cucumber sorbet.

Kim said...

Good Night Gorilla is one of our favorites. And we have a Zoku - it's TOTALLY worth the money. You will love, love, love it.

thepreppyprincess said...

That picture with the sprinkler is just cute as can be, and what great news about him jumping off the side of the pool!

Stay cool,

Kate said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Sandra Boyton! The Going to Bed book is one of my favorites to read at nap/bedtime

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