Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tips for Traveling with a Baby

Baby J and I have been traveling a lot since he was born. He made his first trip when he was 7 weeks old to Atlanta to surprise my best friend at her wedding. Since he arrived 3 weeks early we decided to make the trip. The peditrician said he shouldn't travel until he was 8 weeks, but I couldn't miss her wedding so he gave us his blessing. It was our easiest trip to date. In fact, he's been on 16 plane segments and to 5 states in his short 8 months! A friend of mine had to make a last minute trip this past weekend and asked me for some tips. This is what I sent her and figured that I should share with y'all too. A lot of them are common tips, but who knows maybe they will help you too. Do you have any others? We are flying to Memphis in a few weeks so Baby J can meet his Great Grandmother.

Don't forget to pack:

As many diapers as you can (in case you get stuck)

Baby Tylenol (just in case)

2 changes of clothes (just in case)

Favorite toys


Go slow and take your time through security. You don't know anyone and you can't worry about making them mad. EVERYTHING except the baby goes through the xray machine. (Side note for you non-Mom's: if you see a Mom struggling, help her out...she'll appreciate it!)

Give him a bottle on the way up and on the way down. It will help relieve the pressure in the ears and make him sleepy. Win, win.

A lot of people bring their baby carriers and say they are good.Don't be the first one on the plane, be the last. Even if they offer to let you go. The longer you are sitting there the longer you have to sit there. =)

Bring a blanket and let him roll around on the floor in the airport so he doesn't feel restrained the entire trip.

Give him a apple baby food if you have a layover. Get the gerber plastic one and don't forget a bib and a spoon. Apples are the least messy in public. =)

When you get on the plane get out a bunch of toys and his bottle and put it in the front pocket right when you sit down. That way you aren't fishing in the diaper bag the entire trip.

Don't worry about his schedule...the best thing you can do is get him to sleep on the plane!

You can bring bottled water through security if you tell them it is for the bottle. You can not bring water in the bottle already. You can bring it mixed already though. However, I have had different experiences with this at each airport and with each security person. I think they are confused by their own rules.

Good Luck! You'll do great!


Southern Aspirations said...

Very helpful hints... though we don't need them yet, it is nice to know that there is traveling life after baby! :_

Rachel H. said...

Great hints...this is awesome! Thanks for the update!

Suburban Princess said...

Thanks for the tips!
I have learned to have a bag full of clothes in the car just in case!
I agree about the airlines tho - you never know what rule they will think is in effect that day!

Dollface said...

Wow, I didnt know how early you could travel with a newborn. This is very enlightening and I am sending to my preggo friends :) xxxxoo

Katrina said...

thanks for the tips! I haven't forgotten about you, I have your little gift to send, just have to get to the post office!

susanne said...

OR you could just leave your little dumpling with it's Grandmother!! I'm just saying.

Shawn said...

And don't forget a change of clothes for mommy too!

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