Monday, October 19, 2009

CHEAP Monogrammed Scarves from The Palm Gifts

No, I don't have my new laptop yet. It's been shipped according to HP, but I'm watching the numbers (hubby says if the heater says 63, I have to stop or it will overheat...geeze...) on the desktop and typing fast so I can get this post to you. Ladies, this is one of those times where you just need to plan ahead. Christmas, birthdays, teacher gifts, stocking stuffer, special treat because you deserve it, etc...stock up on these precious (and extremely low priced at $12.00) scarves from The Palm Gifts. It is not often you can get a cute monogrammed gift for under $15.00!

This week only The Palm Gifts is selling their Monogrammed Scarves are for only $12.00! They are high quality and so affordable! Available in Grey, Light Pink, Black, Light Blue, and Red.

They will gift wrap each Monogrammed Scarf in a clear cello bag tied with coordinating ribbon. Ready for Gift Giving!It doesn't get any easier. Go ahead now, get your wallet out and click here to buy.

Your Welcome.


Milltini said...

Thank you for sharing!!! Definitely picking up a few of these for Christmas gifts. How are you?

Melcy said...

Thanks for letting us in on this... what a great deal! and what a great gift!!

Southern Aspirations said...

Great find! Regarding the laptop- is it your fan? Mine went out and I found a cooling "tray" with fans that run (powered by the laptop) to keep it cooler longer- if that would help!

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