Monday, July 27, 2009

My Ebay Items You Might Like

J. Crew Size 6 City Fit Khaki Linen Chinos/Pants-EUC

JCrew WhiteTank with Gold/Coral Beads, Size Medium EUC

Motherhood Maternity-Purple Check Dress-Size Small

Light Pink Ralph Lauren Sport Polo Shirt-Size Small-EUC

Brown/White/Tan Silk Maternity Shirt, Size Small

Anthropologie Blue Gauze Wrap Shirt-EUC-Size 6

Ann Taylor Blue Capsleeve Shirt, Size Medium

Anthropologie-Odille Seafoam Mesh Long Sleeve Shirt-Med

Sweet Pea Brown Long Sleeve Wrap Shirt, Size Medium-EUC

Anthropologie-Odille Lilac Cardigan Sweater-Size Medium


Dollface said...

Ooo thanks for the headsup girlie! xxxoo

carina said...


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