Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Questions for YOU

**I just joined Weight Watchers this week. This baby weight just isn't coming off like I want it to. I did Weight Watchers before my wedding and it was WONDERFUL. Since I'm nursing I get extra points, but they only want me to lose 1lb a week so it does not hinder my milk supply. Hmmm. Not sure if 1lb a week is going to get me into my bikini by the 4th of July. Does anyone have any good WW low point ideas? Good WW recipes? Tips?

**Any suggestions for cradle cap treatment? A shampoo that has worked for you? Poor Baby J looks like snow is falling on his head. The pediatrician says baby oil. Has anyone tried that? Suggestions?

**I think my blog needs a little face lift. A new header, a little sprucing here and know what I mean? Anyone have someone they would like to recommend that is reasonable, does a good job and is easy to work with?

**I'm cleaning out my closet. There are quite a few things that I just am never going to wear. I am a professional Ebay buyer, but I've never sold before. Anyone have any good tips. I'm going to try to get started this week. I'll be sure to post the links when I do.

**I need some new tennis shoes. What are the cool kids wearing these days? I don't run, but I walk a TON. I have North Face cross trainers right now and it is time to retire them. Suggestions?

**Is anyone else out there nursing? Do you have any suggestions for nursing and budget friendly tops. I need a few spring/summer options.

THANKS Ladies!! Can't wait to hear your suggestions!!!


morgan823 said...

I don't know if I've ever left a comment but I wouldn't use baby oil. We tried that and it was a nightmare and her hair was so oily and it seemed like it took days to come out. Our pediatrician recommended head and shoulders. You have to be very careful so it doesn't get in their eyes but it worked wonders and cleared it up quite fast. Hope this helps.

sara said...

I don't know if it is all that appealing for the warmer months ahead, but WW has an INCREDIBLE spicy black bean soup recipe. Very tasty, low in points and SO filling. Here's the recipe:

As for cradle cap treatment, I second the comment above - don't use baby oil, it just makes for a mess and they look like they have a greasy head for days! I used head and shoulders with alot of success.

I'm still nursing (for a year!) but am getting ready to wean. I found that has some very comfy nursing tanks that would be great for the summer. Lots of colors, comfortable, and they hold up well!

Congrats on nursing - it can be tough at times but I still believe it was one of the best decisions I ever made. If you ever have any nursing questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

sara said...

Oh, and the Essential Nursing Bra Tank from Bravado Designs is also a great buy. The link is:

The Monogram Divas said...

I tried many products for cradle cap and the best one (by far) is the Mustela Foam Shampoo. It is light, rinses off very easily and smells really nice.

I believe Babies-R-Us carries it locally but you can also get it from Amazon and the other major online stores. Even Sephora carries it.

Give it a try. I hope this helps!

Preppy 101 said...

I used Head and Shoulders with mine, but that was many years ago. I have never heard of baby oil actually working to clear it up.

Monogram Momma said...

AWESOME site loaded w/ WW info/tips/calculators and an ENORMOUS restaurant list w/ their menu's converted to WW points:

You want to scroll down to the blue links and click "restaurants" and then you'll see what I'm talking about. But that is by far the BESt resource out there for WW.

Also, Aveeno was the best baby skin care products for our kids and our kids had bad excema (sp?) also. But the Aveeno baby wash/shampoo cleared up the cradle cap right away.

marie said...

My favorite WW things:
1 tablespoon of reduced fat Jif Peanut Butter on 45 cal/slice wheat breat (2 slices) = 3 points

I eat it for breakfast and it holds me over better than cereal.

Same bread (I think it's Sara Lee) with sliced turkey = 2 points

Progresso has some 0 and 1 point soups

I'm coming up to NYC in a few weeks for the stationery show - let me know if you're interested in walking the show! (May 17-21)

A said...

Cute pics of Baby J! If you're looking for a blog upgrade, check out rainydaytemplates dot blogspot dot com - she has designed some pretty cute blog templates and can custom design one too.

Imjustagirl said...

1 pound Boiled Shrimp( I buy the frozen bag of precooked shrimp)
2 medium onions,sliced
1 teaspoon celery seeds
1/2 (aprox) cup oil
1/2 a dozen (aprox) bay leaves
1 cup (aprox)Vinegar
1 Packet sweet n low
1 teaspoon capers
and a dash of tabasco sauce

Layer in a dish alternating onions and shrimp add all the ingredients and refrigerate over night!

I use the frozen shrimp and put them in frozen and everything (they are precooked) The measurments are approximate as I am going off the top of my head but they are awesome and I think only like a point or two for quite a few shrimp. I will look for the original recipe so I can give you a more accurate point count but I know it is low and everyone will love it!

hqm said...

I lost a ton of weight on WW after my second baby, while nursing...1lb is a good weekly goal, b/c as you know nursing makes you HUNGRY!
Baby oil and a fine tooth comb...oil Baby J up let it soak in for as long as you can stand it (I would oil there heads and put them down for a nap) them comb through. Wash...takes a few days, but it worked for my baby girl!

Dollface said...

Oh boy.... I have no idea what to do with babies.. ever try Method producs for kids? Also tennis shoes.... hmmm try Models for something discounted... hope that helps! xxxoo

Barefoot in the Park said...

i dont know what cool kicks are these days, but i just bought some new asics from DSW for $45 and I love them!

baby J is growing so fast...he is adorable!

Bama Girl in AZ said...

For eBay selling, I recommend setting up an Auctiva account ( It is free, faster to list items and you can have up to 20 pictures per listing for no fee!

For shoes - I prefer Adidas - great fun colors and a great fit.

For cradle cap - my daughter never had it terribley, but I did use Burt's Bees oil anytime she had a bit of dryness.

Lucky Designs said...

I have to say after nursing for a year, and still going strong, I love my Glamourmom long tank tops. I wish I had purchased them sooner. I love having the extra length to layer under t-shirts and tanks!

Lola Cupcake said...

Oooh- your baby is so so cute!
I know it's tough- I have been there. But losing one or two pounds a week means that you will be losing actual fat and nothing else. That's awesome because it will be weight you can keep off. If you lose any more than that it can make your metabolism slow way down and it will be really tough to keep it off long term. I think you'll do great!!!!!
Drink a big glass of water every time you feel hungry and then wait ten minutes. The receptors in your brain for hunger and thirst are the same so sometimes we confuse thirst and hunger! I am rooting for you!

Abbie said...

I'll try to help where I can--

WW: Carrots! They are filling and good for you. I eat fruit, as well. Look for items that are high in fiber, which will keep you full longer. Sara Lee 45-calorie bread! It is last than half of what a normal piece would be in points! I LOVE the WW mini-bars, which are only 1 point. My favorite thing ever- SmartOnes Breakfast Quesadillas. LOVE THEM!

Blog lift: Penny Lane Designs. She did mine. There is a link on the bottom right of my page.

*Ebay: Get a scale and measure dimensions before deciding on postage. You can use USPS to determine rates based on wt and dimensions. Don't accidentally lose money because of short-changing postage expenses. Limit the sales to no more than a week-- people will forget about it. Use key words and the filters to help people find your items! Don't start your bid too low, unless you're willing to give the item up for that price. Only use the buy-it-now feature if you really think you should be able to easily get the BIN price. Try to stagger your sales a little bit, unless you want to try to mail 10 packages all at the same time!! Suggest insurance in every listing, as a CYA.

Hope that helps!

The Wife said...

I nursed both my boys and hated those nursing tops. Button up tops were also not as convenient. Basically, I wore pull over shirts (regular, not nursing) and just yanked them up! It was easiest for me! No matter what type of nursing top I used I ended up leaking on it while feeding.

Rachel said...

First, check out hungry girl's website:
She does great low-cal versions of favorite foods. I use her site all the time- you will love it! As for the shoes, I would recommend Nike Shox. I run and walk in them and they are so comfortable. I bought my first pair 6 years ago and I will never go back.

Erika said...

For Cradle Crap we used Gentle Nature's and we used their product for teething drops!

Best of Luck

Steve said...

I nursed both of my daughters until their second birthdays, and the easiest tops to deal with were either tanks with smocked tops in summer or fitted pullover tops the rest of the time. I wore a lot of cardigans too as they were easy to use to maintain coverage during feeding sessions. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Tee hee - DH was still logged in! :-) He did NOT nurse the girls - I did! LOL

a H.I.T. said...

Krystyn over at Krizzy Designs was fabulous and super reasonable. I just used her to redesign my blog - her link is on my site.

Jackie said...

I would check out Danielle at The Design Girl. She has done some awesome re-designs, and is offering $20 off packages through her latest re-designs blog (hope that makes sense). Here is the link to the blog post with the discount info:

Crystal said...

I used the Johnson's Baby Shampoo. I lathered up the hair and took a soft baby brush and scrubbed it. After a few times, it cleared up and all came out!!! I didn't have to buy anything special.

Also, I would NOT use Head and Shoulders. Too strong for a little baby's skin.

CRICKET said...

I can totally relate, a couple months after I gave birth I signed up for WW because my weight loss was at a stand still. It totally worked and I lost more than a pound a week and my milk was just fine. 20 months later I have kept the weight off and still nursing.

I hear Olive Oil works for cradle cap and that its not as messy as it sounds...

BroncoMom said...

The fun size M&M's are only 5 WW points. This is still a treat for me whenever I need a treat! Lots of luck to you on WW!

Mrs.Preppy said...

I am going to send you an email on this becasue I am joining WW this weekend and I also am in the same situation with some of your other questions. ALso, J is sooo cute.... I mean handsome. :)

Kate said...

I can't help with the other things but I definitely recommend Danielle for a blog design makeover

Lilly P. Wannabe said...

The only question that I can help you out with is with tennis shoes. New Balance 992's are the only tennis shoes I will wear. No kidding... I have worn them for ten years and I am only on my third pair (pretty good considering I wear them all the time!). You can check them out at

this blessed nest said...

just found you via granny smith green. thought i would leave a comment about nursing tops. since we are nursing 2 at my nest!
besides larger tees (target) i also love target's cotton 3/4 sleeve sweaters to help cover while nursing in public. (not often, but as needed.)
also...Kohl's vera wang collection has the funnest white cotton button up with ruffles. very current, and sleeveless for the warmer months ahead. i paired it w/ a target carnigan for now. but soon will wear the cotton top by itself.
good luck to you. your little one is just a doll.

Marla said...

Cradle cap: I definitely recommend Mustela foaming shampoo. It smells wonderful...and I would just scrub it in with a soft baby hairbrush, then rinse. If you have a pretty hard core case, they also have a special cradle-cap treatment called Stelaker.

I also never really liked "nursing" shirts. I wore a lot of tshirts that I could pull up, cardigans, and used thin blankets to cover up when necessary.

Good luck!!!

heidi at frill seekers gifts ~ tales by the sea said...

i recently loss a bunch of extra weight. 1 pound a week is healthy. start walking with baby j to kick start the weight loss.

great, yummy snacks:
Skinny Dippers Ice Cream bars 90 cals
100 calorie packs of snacks

drink EAS shakes for breakfast which really gets you going. (near slimfast section) They ROCK!

you can do it. don't put too much pressure on just had a baby.

Midwest Prep said...

Baby oil and that little comb work wonders together. I have also heard that olive oil works. I am nursing, and while I need more tops- I really like the bravado brand tand tops- the one made with Bamboo fibers is soooo soft and stays bright white even after ,any loads of laundry. I too am having t rouble with the weight coming off- I still have almost 20 lbs to loose! It all came on and seemed to re-distribute after the baby came out and I had no idea it would be this difficult- I thought it would go away on its own!!! I have started walking and got some new nikes that I like- I bought running shoes because the walking shoes I saw were really old lady-ish- and the grey new balance shoes I wanted were $140 and that didn't seem very frugal...

The Shabby Princess said...

I can't really help you with the WW and nursing thing, but, I'm sure you're pretty versed in WW since you said you did it before your wedding... I would just do some Google searches for WW recipes, etc. And play around with your favorite recipes--they have great swapping tips on the WW website in terms of how to make your recipes lighter.

Good luck!

Andie said...

We had the cradle cap situation a few weeks ago, and a friend suggested olive oil. I put it on her little head, left it on as long as I could take a greasy baby, then gently took her (VERY) soft baby brush and rubbed gently. Then washed her little head up with baby shampoo. Totally worked!

Angie said...

My pediatrician recommended head and shoulders as well. The trick is, when you put it on their head, take a baby brush and brush in circular motions. Worked like a charm for me!

amanda said...

I love that sara lee bread too (or maybe it's sunbeam) I use the wheat flavor and recognize it because it has lite written in cursive on the end of the bag. You can eat 2 slices for 1 point.

I also love the WW string cheese (our grocery doesn't carry it. I have to go to wal-mart). It's only 1 point.

I also like the Fiber 1 yogurt. I buy it in a four pack of strawberry flavor. It's also 1 point per container.

Pretzel sticks are also low in points. I actually don't love pretzels, but I like that I can eat a lot for only a point or two. I usually want to stop eating them before I've reached a serving size.

For a splurge, the 100 calorie bags of cheetos are really good and they're only 2 points.

Good luck

Shawn said...

Tretorns are back in...I think they are super cute.

Also, Danielle from Blogs by Danielle designed my blog...she is lovely to work with and charges a reasonable fee. Here is her blog:

Good luck!

TCP said...

we had a little cradle cap over here and I just picked up some "cradle cap" shampoo at the grocery...not sure of the brand name, but it has winnie the pooh on it? It looks tacky, but it seems to work! Although, I think it might just be that baby brush (you know, the square plastic one from the hospital?) that's really getting it out.

I just ordered a bunch of nursinf tank tops from Target...think that will be the top half of my summer uniform this year!

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