Thursday, December 11, 2008

Preppy Preggo Club Updates

Please keep Preppy Preggo Club member LSU Melanie in your prayers today as she delivers a baby girl or baby boy wiggles. Congrats Melanie!

Please welcome A from Pink Cashmere Cardigan to the club! She is due in early July and waiting to get her exact due date after her 2nd ultrasound.

My friend C and my friend K both have recently found out they are expecting BOYS! Baby J is so excited about his guy friends.

My friend S is expecting in July!!

Are you expecting and want to be added to the growing list? Just email me at magnoliasmarriageandmanhattan at gmail dot com.


Mrs.Preppy said...

Can you believe how long this list is getting? It would make someone think something must be in the water, but since we are all spread out, it must be something else!

Rachel H. said...

So many babies...It is definitely something in the water. I know about 15 pregnant friends right now. It's crazy!

Melissa B. said...

Hey there, you Superior Scribbler, you! Just checking in with the winners, to see what's going on at your place. Also, I'd like to tell you 2 important things. First, please don't miss my Silly Sunday Sweepstakes can contribute to the legend of the Superior Scribler by helping us out! Also, I've been nominated for a pretty neat education blog award. You can vote for me, the Original Superior Scribbler, by visiting my place and clicking on the EduBlog icon. Thanks so much, and hope you visit soon!

Anonymous said...

Iam so happy to be a member of this club! Thanks!

LSU Melanie said...

thanks so much for the prayers!!! Baby June Marie is just soo cute..

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