Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Need a Silent Night!

Why is it that no matter how hard you try, this time of year is just such a whirlwind! This week has been really busy at work and I suspect it will continue this way until next week. I hosted 110 docs at Tribeca Grill last night and being a special events coordinator at almost 8 months pregnant is not the easiest thing to do. My feet were not pretty when I arrived home last night at about 11:30pm.

Lately, I've been having trouble sleeping, even with my snoogle. I just can't seem to find a comfy position or make it more than a few hours without a bathroom break. My poor hubby is also waking up as I "rock" the bed trying to move around. I told him this morning that it was just all preparation for when Baby U (actually let's go ahead and call him Baby J) arrives. I am counting down the days and I'm so ready to have him here. This third trimester is tough! If anyone has any tips on how to survive the aches and pains that go along with this trimester, please pass them along. I think I just need to slow down--easier said then done this time of year. Tonight we have our 2nd and final session of our childbirth class. I am looking forward to it, the 1st session was so informative and our teacher is an actual labor & delivery nurse at the hospital I work at and where I'll deliver. It's nice to have the inside scoop from a pro!

My sister was supposed to come visit me tomorrow, but had to cancel her flight last night for a variety of reasons. I understand why she can't come, but I was really looking forward to seeing her and spending time with her. Gotta say I'm pretty bummed today about it. I'm hoping I'll see her in just two weeks. Originally, I was supposed to have a NYC baby shower on Saturday, but we decided to postpone because there is just too much going on right now. We've rescheduled for Jan 10th, so NYC friends mark your calendars and make sure I have your address so you'll get an invite. I go to the doc on Tuesday for the final word on if I can travel home to Alabama for the holidays.

So next week is a big week for Baby J. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. On Tuesday I have my 8 month appointment and I find out if I am able to travel home for Christmas. Of course, if the doc says no then I know that is what is best for my baby boy and Christmas in the city will be just fine. It is out of my hands right now, but I think a trip home would make me so happy. On Thursday, we have our final ultrasound. The doc said we didn't have to do it, but why on earth would I skip a chance to check out my precious baby boy. I need to see how big those legs are that are kicking me! He should weigh about 3.3 lbs, but we'll get a better estimate next week.

In other news, many great companies have emailed me this week and last to offer my readers some fabulous deals. I'm going to just post them all so you can shop to your hearts content!

1) The Scrappy Shack an Etsy Store that offers cute scrapbooking materials is offering MMM readers a free die cut alphabet circle in the color of their choice with any purchase from the shop. Just mention MMM at checkout!

2) Preppy Pails another Esty Store that I mentioned a few posts ago is offering MMM readers if you buy a 1 gallon PREPPY PAIL, get a Petite Christmas PREPPY PAIL free. When you place your order you should mention MMM. This offer ends this Saturday!

3) Marternitique is offering a free gift with every purchase. They have amazing stretch mark minimizing cream as well as a body firming serum and eye brightening cream for new moms--all that have been safety screened in the LACT-MED database to ensure no negative interference with baby or breastfeeding. Also, Mambino Organics is offering customers a free organic lip balm with a purchase of 2 of their products. Body Toning Oil and Youth Glow Omega Face Complex are our two bestsellers. If you are expecting or a new Mom check out this great site!

4) Electras Monograms is offering free shipping on their precious monogram stickers, decals and wall monograms. The code is "noshipping" which can be used at checkout (you must click apply after typing in coupon to activate) and it is for free shipping with any $16 or more purchase.

Happy Shopping!


Anonymous said...

I remember losing so much sleep before my baby came. I was beyond irritated because I knew true sleepless nights were coming my way. It is a weird way that our bodies do get ready for that little one to come. Good luck and blessings your way that you get to come down here to Sweet Home Alabama.

Lauren said...

I am glad you are doing well! I hope you will be able to go home for the holidays. I can't believe that sweet Baby J will be here so soon! How exciting!!

Enjoy your weekend!

The Preppy Wedding said...

Thanks to your recommendation, I am getting the preggo pillow for Xmas. I told the husband to check your blog for information!

So, thanks MMM, I can't wait to try it.

Anonymous said...

Miss MMM, we hope you can get home to Alabama for Christmas with Baby J., and that the doc says "you are good to go." We are amazed at the schedule you are keeping at 8 months, especially doing event planning!

Hope your weekend is splendid!

kayce hughes said...

My recomendations for third trimester.....a long bath every night.

icing on the cake said...

One thing that has worked for me (at least temporarily) with the back pain has been pregnancy massage. I got one a few weeks ago, and I'm thinking of asking for another for Christmas. Hope your appointment goes well!

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