Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rock a Bye Baby, Swivel/Glide a Bye Baby?

We're on the hunt for a glider! This is what we've looked at so far. We went on Monday to look at the Babies R Us chairs and I was not pleased so that leaves Pottery Barn--which of course you can't see in person. Does anyone else have a good suggestion? I would love any advice!

Babies R Us
Dutalier Sleigh Glider

Babies R Us
Upholstered Chocolate Chenille Square Back Rocker

Babies R Us
Upholstered Ivory Chenille Rocker

This one is the Dream Rocker and Ottoman from Pottery Barn Kids

I would probably cover it in:
A Fabric-Natural Twill: $849 for down cushions or $749 for polyester
C Fabric-White Dot Maltese or Light Green Linen: $949 for down or $849 for polyester
D Fabric Almond Maxi Dot or Beige Floral or Cream & Cocoa: $1049 for down or $949 for polyester

This one is the Dream Swivel Glider, Ottoman & Recliner

I would probably cover it in:
A Fabric-Natural Twill: $949 for down cushions or $849 for polyester
C Fabric-White Dot Maltese or Light Green Linen: $1049 for down or $949 for polyester
D Fabric Almond Maxi Dot or Beige Floral or Cream & Cocoa: $1149 for down or $1049 for polyester


Kappa Prep said...

My favorite is that last pick!

Anonymous said...

Find a store that carries Best Chairs Storytime Gliders. I have a "Braxton" chair and it is hands down the most comfortable, best-used baby item we own. (And comfy is important for those late night feedings!)

Wila (aka Ali) said...

Have you been to a Pottery Barn Kids store? They have the chairs there...I worked there last summer for a bit. Their gliders are SOOOOO comfy. I almost bought one just to have to sit in. To die for!

Steph said...

Just keep in mind, and this is from experience, that the glider does just starts moving as soon as you get in it and you aren't having to physically make it rock! It just kind of goes! Rocking chairs will wear you out!
Now, they aren't always in the cutest fabrics, but what I did was take my cushions and had them covered to go with the nursery.

Midwest Prep said...

We are looking at them too- I like the overstuffed chair look better than the traditional glider look...I am not sure though- They are all so expensive!

Jen said...

We bought a swivel/glider/recliner from a local baby boutique, but it is a Best Chairs brand chair and they sell to retailers nationwide. I know JCPenney carries some of their chairs. You can google "Best Chairs" and see what you could find locally. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our chair!!! It's so comfy that hubbie and I have been taking turns sleeping in the nursery with Caroline. He is 6'4", and the chair is super comfy for him! Check out this link to my blog to see what it looks like...just my 2 cents! :-)


Meagan said...

We have the ivory chenille rocker/glider from Babies R Us. We love it! The ottoman is great to have as well. The baby and I slept in it the first few nights home from the hospital, and now I lounge in it when I pump or when my husband is changing/playing with the baby in the nursery.

Anonymous said...

I really wanted an armchair/rocking chair so in the future I could use it in other rooms. I, like you, LOVED the pottery barn ones, but didn't want to pay that much money for a chair (although I'm sure it would be worth every penny and more). We finally found a wendy bellissimo rocking chair from babies r us, online. It comes in sandstone and chocolate brown. It is SO comfortable and affordable. I just looked it up on babies r us and it is listed for 249.88 and the item number is 346271 for the sandstone color. Hope this helps.

Meg @ Spicy Magnolia said...

Some of our friends ordered a "Little Castle" glider with an ottoman...the kind they got even reclines. The times we've been at their house and sat in it with the baby, we've LOVED it, so that's what we're getting as well. The website is You can call them and ask for a recommended retailer in your area.

Hannah and Hartley's mommy said...

Posh Tots is were got mine. I bought extra fabric from Javis Davis(Fairhope)...and Posh Tots made it custom. Lime with white polka dots...I used it in both of my girls' rooms!!!! High quality. Lots of styles to choose from. If you want pics email me.

Marla said...

I second the opinion on Little Castle chairs...great styles & fabric options. You get the function of a glider, with the look of a piece of furniture that you can keep for years. The website will tell you who carries them locally...and they have upholstered kid sized chairs that are adorable!

Kelly said...

I actually found the crib at I searched everywhere for style I liked that wouldn't cost a fortune and eventually found it there (I live in Wal-Mart country). I don't have to pay shipping because they will deliver to my store (3 miles from my house).
We aren't doing a glider because I have a big day bed in the nursery that takes up a ton of room and I can use it to sit on or lay down on. My mom keeps fighting me on that but the nursery isn't huge and it would get very crowded with a glider. I like all the ones you have chosen.

The Pink Owl said...

My brother and sister in law just had their second little boy. They needed a new chair and purchased the one you have pictured from Toys-R-Us. I babysit the boys often and that just may be the most comfortable chair EVER! They love it, I love it and their 3 old loves it also. It's completely silent, rocks perfectly(with little to no effort) and even has a matching rocking ottoman. It may not be the *prettiest* chair but it is very comfy!

Anonymous said...

Did you check BuyBuyBaby on 25th and 7th, they might have something.

Preppy Lizard said...

I don't have kids yet but have been watching my god children and nephews for 11 years now so I have been in my fair share of gliders. I love the glider that my girlfriend has from Best Chairs. I think you can look at all their styles online. I don't love the standard BRU glider my sister-in-law has as I think they are not comfy and I think they just look like somethimg in a nursery thus you can't use it for years in your child's room.
So my vote is for a glider that looks like an upholstered chair as I think they are more comfy and get far more use. Just my 2 cents. Can't wait to see what you pick!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Does your store not carry the rockers for you to try out? That surprises me- I would find a store to give it the sit test run before purchasing. Or maybe ask your mom to go to her store and do it for you?

I will say that even though the regular glider is not as pretty as the big chair gliders, they are SOOO COMFIE! Many moons ago I worked at one of the pilot stores for PBK and tested the chairs all the time. The big chairs win for cuteness but the regular glider wins for comfort. Of course, I don't actually have a baby so what do I know... :)

BB said...

Dutalier Gliders are the best, hands down. However, there are prettier ones than the one you have a picture of. The one I have is upholsterd and looks like one of the PB ones that you have up. Don't know anything about PB rockers, but keep in mind that a lot of gliders/ rockers will start to squeak fairly soon. And that can be very counterproductive when trying to rock a little one to sleep :-)
In regards to PB, they do not manufacture their own furniture. They outsource it to other companies and then sell it at PB as PB. Just take a closer look at the tags/ labels on PB furniture, and you will see for yourself. Hope that helped,

Anonymous said...

Try Threads--they are owned by Pottery Barn...on 2nd Ave and 78th, or 77th....

Anonymous said...

I have the White Dutailier glider from Target -

My son is almost three and I still use it. It has never squeaked and has held up very well. The beige cushions actually look better than in the picture.

The only negative is that the arm cushions have a velcro strip at the bottom. It was fine for the first month or two, but kept coming undone, so I just took the arm cushions off and never put them back on. The chair still looks great without them.

I chose the Madela Nursing Stool rather than an ottoman for cost and convenience reasons. The matching ottoman was $129 and took up a lot of room. The matching white nursing stool was just $28 and wasn't as bulky in the room. I'm just 5' 2", so it also helped me to brace myself while gliding and of course, it helped while nursing too (back in the early days).

Hope this helps.

KristinA said...

Restoration Hardware has a great new baby furniture line, the boy's stuff is in a gorgeous blue with chocolate brown dots. Also, for a funkier vibe (which isn't too you, but who knows, those pregnancy hormones may potentially warp your sense of style) Giggle has some great stuff. I love their round crib. (

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