Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hurricane Update

A few of you have asked for an update on my friends and family that were in the path of Hurricane Gustave. The good news is that everyone is okay. My parents had some minor flooding and one of my Dad's businesses had some major flooding. They haven't been to our beach house, but they think everything is okay.
My friend K however, was not as lucky. She lives in Baton Rouge and they received a lot of damage to their brand new home. Her husband's car was totaled (along with the garage), their brand new fence was hit by a tree (which they put up last week), they also have a tree through their bathroom and they lost all of the trees in their yard except for one. She sent me pictures and the damage is extensive. I am very happy that they decided to stay at her parent's home to ride out the storm. K is due with her baby girl Harper in just 2 1/2 weeks so please say a prayer for them that they are able to get back in their home and Harper will stay put for a little bit longer so her parents can sort things out! I hope all of your family and friends were spared too much damage from Gustave.
As you can see from the pics above (from here) I have a good friend in Charleston so I'm hoping Hannah stays away from her and her new baby boy! I'm also hoping Hannah doesn't mess up our Saturday night at the US Open Women's Final!


Lauren said...

I am glad everyone is okay. I feel so sorry for your friend though, I hope they will be able to get their house back in order soon.

Worthington said...

I am glad that things are "okay" - as best as they can be. I am sure if everyone involved can be as optimistic as you then everything will be just fine shug! Hugs from Virginia! xo

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's good news the people are okay, but we know how challenging i t can be to wait... and wait.. and wait... to get back into your home or business, or the area where home or business used to be.

They have a lot of people hoping and praying and pulling for them.

Sunshine In The City said...

I hope you do get to go to the Open. Its so much fun, you're going to love it!

preppy little dress said...

my thoughts go out to all of you in the affected areas! watch the warnings!!!

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