Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Mardi Gras!

We just returned from a wonderful 10 days with my parents in South Alabama. We had a great trip and it was such a treat to be in warmer weather. J loved being able to play outside without a hat and coat on. We took full advantage of all of our favorite restaurants and got to have a play dates with some of my friend's kids. Here are a few pictures of our adventures:

 The Dog Parade is always a hit! 

Playdate with A (his Mama is Some Like it Southern)

Pat-Pat took the boys on a golf cart ride

J's first night time Mardi Gras parade was a HIT!

Float loading! I picked all green beads since we dressed up as leprechauns. The theme of my float was "Happy Holidays."

We had lots of fun playing with Daisy's sister Lily. The weather was perfect.

View from my parent's front porch. I love the South!

Lunch at Fly Creek before our parade

Hanging out with the boys


Lauren said...

Awww, looks like a whole lot of fun!!!!!!! :)

Dee Stephens said...

Love J's outfit! I grew up in South Louisiana and haven't been back for Mardi Gras in nearly a decade. I need to get back..

Mrs. Sergeant said...

Oh my word, how fun!!! J's is just adorable and a half! This is my first year missing Mardi Gras and my poor Mr. Sergeant is catching he** for it... well, just a little anyway. Glad you all had fun! The south is the best! ;-)

Mrs. Sergeant

cincin said...

Where did you get J's "throw me somethin mista" tee? It is adorable!

i suwannee said...

so cute! love the pooches! said...

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