Saturday, October 30, 2010

Green Toys on Totsy!

J has his eye on the firetruck and the dump truck pictured below. They are in the store of one of the places he takes classes and he gets SO excited when he sees them. Santa has taken note. =) Green toys have a lot of really cute toys and Totsy's prices are GREAT! The trucks normally would cost me $26.00 each. If you aren't a member of Totsy yet, click here! Every weekend they are offering a great selection of toys for the holidays at awesome prices. I'm so excited to find some of the things on my list for a discount! What's on the list for your little one?

Here are a few of the other really cute options for your little one:


swankychicfete said...

my little guy would want that firetruck!!

Nicole Feliciano said...

Love the toys you found. I'm hosting a Totsy Twitter party about other great toys in November sales. Join us from 9-10 on Wed. 11/3!

babyjohn1 said...

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