Sunday, August 22, 2010

Willow House Online Show Continues (and Birthday Giveaway #3-Kensington Platter)

My Willow House Online Show is still running! Which means you also still have a chance to win a Kensington Platter and Stand (shown in picture above). Just click here to enter! I thought I would show you a few more of the cute things that you can buy:

Here is what you do to order:

1) Go to the site: Willow House with Callie

2) Click on: Shop Online

3) You can either choose to Browse the Catalog or Shop Online

4) When you Shop Online, you will choose the item (or items) that you would like, one at a time, and add them to your cart.

5) When you are finished, hit Finalize and Submit Order

6) You will be prompted to find a hostess, that's me, Mrs. MMM!

7) You will enter your information and hit submit.

8) Once you press "Submit," you will be brought back to the Shop Online page, don't worry! Your order went through if you pressed submit. However, Callie will then have to contact you to get your payment information. If this is just too confusing, email me Callie at to send her your order!

Also, don't forget, when you purchase something $39.96 and over, you automatically qualify for 50% off ANY item $40 and under. When you qualify, add this item to your order as well, and Callie will make sure it goes in with the correct price!

There are still  several other birthday month giveaways that are still going on, check them out!

Birthday Month Giveaway #6-2 Winners each win a set of 24 personalized cupcake wrappers from The Paper Menu and Fun & Sassy Designs

Birthday Month Giveaway #3-Kensington Platter from Willow House Gifts
(Also be sure to check out my online show with Willow House Gifts)

Birthday Month Giveaway #5-$25.00 Gift Certificate from Diamond Favors

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