Friday, January 29, 2010

Baby J's Red Wagon 1st Birthday Party

I'm One! Can you believe it?

This picture was on my real birthday sitting in my birthday chair!

Whew! What a fun weekend we had celebrating Baby J's first bday. Baby J had the best day and that was most important to me. He LOVES to be the center of attention and he enjoyed walking from person to person. He loved having all of his little buddies over at our apt to celebrate. He is just a little social butterfly. He was so excited to have so many balloons around. He could stare at a balloon for hours. But, most of all, our little one LOVES cake! I'll post the video of him eating his cake tomorrow. Everyone was crying they were laughing so hard! He was hilarious!

We wanted to do something low key (it is a 1st bday party after all) and we didn't feel like paying $1000 to rent out a location in NYC. Being that his bday is in January, Central Park was our little city apartment was the location. We invited 25 adults and 10 children hoping and praying that a few wouldn't be able to make it b/c we had no idea how we would fit everyone. Well, they ALL came! It turned out fine and was SO MUCH FUN!

Baby J is obsessed with his little Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon and balloons, so I knew that would be our theme. After researching online, I fell in love with all the red and aqua weddings and knew I wanted lots of polka dots. It was perfect for my little man's bday! I let Ashley (Rice Designs) know about my ideas and she created the perfect invite for Baby J. She also made us stickers and thank you notes to match. She's amazing! I really wanted an actual red wagon cake, but after pricing out a few locations in the city, I decided to give that idea up. A and I decided every little southern boy needs a red velvet cake (it had nothing to do with the fact his parents are crazy about red velvet cake, I promise.) Two Little Red Hens has the BEST red velvet, so we went with them. They were not the easiest to work with, but the end result was the best tasting cake ever and it was REALLY cute! His smash cake came from Gristedes. I had the lady take off the red rose, write happy bday, I added a few rubber duckies and asked her to polka dot it...all for $7.99! After all the pictures I have included the links to all the places I bought the things that "made" our party. A special thank you to everyone that helped!

Here are a few pictures of his Red Wagon 1st Birthday party. You may notice I left his name on most things, kinda hard not to since it was plastered all over everything! =) I still won't use his name on the blog, but I just had to make an exception to show y'all his fun little party. I know you'll appreciate. I hope everyone throws a red wagon bday party for their little munchkin! It was so much fun!

Jack's red velvet cake from Two Little Red Hens...the best red velvet in NYC!

Please Take a Cookie!

The sticker on the back of the cookie

Red Wagon Party Favors

Because every Red Wagon party needs, Red Wagon IPA from local Fire Island Beer Company!

Why is everyone singing? Why am I wearing this stupid hat again?

Happy Birthday to Baby J!

Ok, what now and why is everyone staring at me?

Ok, I'll have a taste if you insist...


It's just like a big cupcake, right?

They didn't offer me a fork. What did you expect?

Why did it take an entire year for you to give me cake? I LOVE cake!

N's bday isn't until March, but he wanted in on this cake thing! Sharing is nice.

Mama, enough of this silly hat!

I love balloons! I wish you could have seen my face when Daddy walked in our apt with 16 balloons. Who needs a party when you can just stare at balloons all day!

All This For Me??

Worn Out!

Pizza from Roma
We had wagon wheels (aka fajas) and wagon axles (aka fruit kabobs with yogurt dip)
Cheese and veggies
Spinach dip
CAKE and ice cream!!!

For the Little ones:
Cheese and Fruit (and pizza for those whose Mama's allow it)
Baby Mum Mum Crackers
Apple Sauce
Apple Juice
Animal Crackers

Diet Coke
Red Wagon Cocktail (Champagne and Cranberry Juice)
Red Wagon IPA from Fire Island Beer CompanyCherry Limeade (recipe from Kelly's recipes)

Red Wagon Cookie favors from A Dozen Eggs, read about the making of Jack's cookies here.
Cake from Two Little Red Hens
Paper Products from My 1st Birthday and State News
Invitations, stickers and thank you notes custom made by Ashley Rice Lieb from Rice Designs
Bib and Hat and Jack sign custom made by Blooming Babies Boutique
Baby J's outfit, Table Cloths, Polka Dot Blue Candle from Ebay

My little cutie!


Dollface said...

This is one of the cutest first birthdays I have ever seen!! omg... xxxoo

Belle on Heels said...

oh my goodness, too stinking cute!! he is going to look back on these pictures and realize what an awesome mommy he has :)

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Everything looks so darling - especially Jack! Great job!

Summer Athena said...

you did a fabulous job. how time flies!

Rebekah said...

Oh my goodness....Jack's party was so cute! Every little detail was perfect! And Jack is so stinkin cute! Happy first birthday, buddy!

Sarah said...

M, this is to die for! Congrats on a great party and on J turning one. Time sure does fly- seems like just yesterday when you announced your pregnancy here!

Jill said...

Wow- what GREAT party food, decorations and FUN! And what a little cutie you have. Loved all of the wonderful photos.

Melissa said...

Adorable! Everything looks great! I love the color scheme! Jack is such a cutie!

I love the name Jack, it's our first choice if we have a son (technically he would be named Jackson and we'd call him Jack.)

Kellie said...

Happy Birthday jack!!! Great job and I love your color scheme (wink, wink - check out my blog!!) I love seeing him in all those smocked clothes even though you live in NYC!!!! Taking the southern charm up there!!!! Thanks for sharing!

AEOT said...

Adorable!! Seems like you and The Preppy Baby have a lot in common- her blog post was strikingly similar today. but then again, who doesn't love red wagons?? I'm SOOO glad you guys had such a great time!

Katrina said...

So adorable! I can't believe he's already a year old! =)

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

What a cutie! Looks like the party was fantastic!

Julie Leah said...

How stinking cute! Jack is especially cute! This could be one of the best birthday themes ever! Mr. Jack is one blessed little fella!

Jenna said...

So cute! You did a great job!

Elizabeth said...

this is perfect! i love it. you put martha to shame

Sarah said...

oh my goodness he is the cutest little thing!!! I love all of your decorations, everything looked great!! Thanks for sharing! : )

Kaper Design; Inspiration said...

those miniature red wagons are adorable!


sara said...

Just gorgeous! Love all the details, you did a fantastic job - happy birthday to your little one!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Absolutely adorable. Love the cookies and LOVE all his outfits. I am addicted to children's clothing as you can see if you see my grandgirls on my blog! Going to be a follower now!

Stephanie said...

I love you theme - so unique!

It seems like everyone's doing barnyard 1st bdays these days - what's up with that?!

the decor was ADORABLE! you took GREAT pictures too. KUDOS, momma =)

linda said...

So cute! You took such care with every detail and it really shows.
Happy B-day little J!

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

The only thing cuter than that birthday party is your darling son. Perfection all around!

Katie said...

You have inspired me!! I have been searching for a cute 1st birthday theme and I have found it! I sent you an email to see where you got the cute mini wagons.

Brittanie Gordon said...

I am planning a red wagon 1st birthday for our little one.. You party looks great! The cake was adorable!

testing 1 said...

OMG! I love to see boy parties, the world is full of princess parties and it's nice to see one does so beautifully. I'm working on a Fiesta Inspiration post and I would love to share yours with my readers.

Julie @ Little Monkey Store said...

I'm planning the same theme for my little guy's second birthday. Where did you get the mini wagons for the table from?

babyjohn1 said...

Wow! that's really a wonderful birthday party. Jack is so cute! I love all the cool photos.
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Anonymous said...

Where did you get the red and aqua M & Ms?

Unknown said...

What an adorable party! Love the theme and all the decorations!
Lulu and Daisy

zerry ht said...

Loved this incredible post from Baby J's Red Wagon 1st Birthday Party. My son’s first birthday was in December and we hosted the prince themed Birthday Party which turned out to be so adorable. We had booked one of the kids’ event Venues in San Francisco and loved all the arrangements over there.

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